Our district's heritage

Our district has a wealth of history and places of significant interest, from Selby's stunning 1,000 year old Abbey to Tadcaster's spectactular viaduct. Our bustling markets towns pack in the charm and interest around every corner.

Find out more about Selby's history from Selby Civic Society. The group hold regular public meetings and aims to encourage interest in Selby's historic buildings. All are welcome to come along to their events.

Tadcaster also has a very active local history group that welcomes new members. They usually meet on the first Thursday of the month at Tadcaster Methodist Church. As well as lectures they're also actively engaged in their own research projects, including producing books on the history of Tadcaster.

Sherburn also has a fascinating history and an active local history society. Did you know Swordfish planes were built there during World War 2 and one was partly responsible for the sinking of the Bismarck?  There is a sculpture commemorating this in the village. 

Sherburn was also the largest supplier of teasels for the Yorkshire wool industry.  

All these groups will offer a warm welcome and a glimpse into our district's history.

Hidden Heritage Walks

Each of the five walk leaflets, located below, has a descriptive narrative, images of objects that can be seen along the walk, and a map to follow. Four of the walks are circular ones around the town, and none are longer than two miles. The fifth one describes the entire six mile length of the Selby Canal.

The five topics covered are:

Ousegate - Shipping heritage and fine waterfront buildings - pdf

Selby Canal - Industrial heritage and modern leisure - pdf

Signs and Symbols - Unlocking the hidden meanings of shopfront signs - pdf

Plaque Parade - Touring the sites and stories behind the plaques that mark important sites in town - pdf

20th Century Selby - Highlighting the variety and meaning of modern buildings standing in Selby - pdf

Ye Fraternitie of Olde Selebians

Ye Fraternitie of Olde Selebians was founded on the 10th January 1921. Its objectives are to promote, cultivate and develop the welfare of Selby and its inhabitants and to foster its traditions and associations.

The qualifications for membership are either by birth in any town, village, hamlet or the like situated within a five mile radius of Selby Abbey or by residence in any town, village, hamlet or the like situated within a five mile radius of Selby Abbey, for a total period (not necessarily continuous) of not less than five years.

The minimum age for membership is 30 years of age. Meetings are monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. To get involved email email bernie2007@hotmail.com or call Bernard Middleton, (Hon.Secretary) 01757 700558.