Organising community events

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 give local authorities powers to issue directions imposing prohibitions, requirements or restrictions in relation to the holding of indoor and outside events as well as the use of outdoor spaces in its area. 

The Council may prohibit an event or require additional measures or restrictions if they are satisfied that there is a serious and imminent threat to public health and it is necessary and proportionate to prevent and protect against controlling spread of infection of coronavirus in the area. Events and infection control data in the local area will be kept under constant review and any event may be subject to these measures up to and including the day of the proposed event if at the time, the infection rate is such that to continue to hold the event would pose an imminent threat to public health.

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There's a range of advice and support available if you want to run a community event: 

Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) work in partnership with emergency services and professional bodies to discuss the health and safety issues around staging an event . The group offers professional guidance.
The group's objectives are:
To promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance
To promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events
To ensure events cause minimal adverse impact to the community
Encourage cooperation and coordination between all relevant agencies so that events are safe and successful
If you intend to hold a large event (with more than 500 people attending) please send your event management plans or enquiries to:
please note that due to COVID the SAG will seek to be involved in smaller events also, to help and advise to ensure the safe running of an event.
We recommend that you make contact with the the Group well in advance of the event - at least six  months, if possible.
These websites may also help plan your event:
For events including inflatables: inflatable inpsections run by PIPA and ADiPs plus information from the Health and Safety Executive.
Events industry guidance - the Purple Guide