Organising community events

If you are submitting an Event Management Plan for consideration to the SAG click here for a form that must be completed and submitted with the plan regarding medical cover.

Click here for a Counter terrorism toolkit for music venues and festivals 

Click here for guidance from North Yorkshire Public Health on COVID-19 considerations March 22 onwards 

A risk assessment tool for mass gatherings

Local guidance to make an event Covid Secure.

Government guidance for outdoor facilities (sports)

There's a range of advice and support available if you want to run a community event: 

Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) works in partnership with emergency services and professional bodies to discuss the health and safety issues around staging an event. The group offers professional guidance.

The group's objectives are:

  • To promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance
  • To promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events
  • To ensure events cause minimal adverse impact to the community
  • Encourage cooperation and coordination between all relevant agencies so that events are safe and successful

If you intend to hold a large event (with more than 500 people attending) please send your event management plans or enquires to:


We recommend that you make contact with the group well in advance of the event - at least six months, if possible.

General events information

Read our event planning guidance.

Our Licensing page tells you about a range of licenses you may need to consider.

For events where a road closure is planned, whether large or small, please visit the North Yorkshire County Council's Roadworks, road closures, and diversion webpage. This gives you all the information required. Fees may apply. Registered charitable events and not-for-profit events are exempt from the fee, but advertising costs may still apply.

Please submit your event management plan to: at least 6 months prior to a large event being held. Alternatively you can use the attached event notification form to give a brief outline of the planned event prior to the submission of the event management plan. Click here to down load the form

These websites may also help plan your event:

Health and Safety Executive

Organising a voluntary event

For events including inflatables: inflatable inspection run by PIPA and ADiPs plus information from the Health and Safety Executive.

Events industry guidance - the Purple Guide