October - What's in your bin?

Every year, every home in the Selby distrct creates about a tonne of rubbish - that's a lot of rubbish.

Waste from your grey bin ends up at landfill sites - which is expensive and bad for the environment. There are a number of ways you can reduce waste in your bin - we encourage everyone to recycle as much as they can. Throughout October we'll be sharing our A-Z of waste - how and where it can be disposed of. Follow our social media channels to find out more.

We can collect extra paper and cardboard which is put in bags next to your green recycling box. Extra cans and plastics can also be put out in bags with your blue recycling box.

We also continue to collect garden waste throughout most of the year - this service is usually only suspended over Christmas and New Year to allow us to deal with the addional waste generated at this time of year. Your grass cuttings and prunings contain many nutrients that can be put back into the soil to improve it - so your garden waste is taken to local farmers who compost it. 

We work with the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership to promote composting and offer you the chance to buy compost bins at a reduce rate. More than 60% of the contents of the average rubbish bin is biodegradable and over a third can be easily composted at home. 

Home composting is easier than you think - and North Yorkshire Rotters can provide help and advice to support you on your composting journey.

In Tadcaster you can turn apples into apple juice at the free Tadcrafter's TadApple Day - on Saturday 21 October. Taking place at the Manor Farm Centre, St Joseph's Street, there'll also be stalls, a cafe and other activities. 

There are some great local groups that promote reuse of furniture and other household items, including the Community Furniture Store and Selby Hands of Hope.

Read the Top 10 Ways to Reduce Waste.

There's also the Zero Waste movement which encourages us to move towards consuming less so even less is thrown away. Waste reduction starts at the supermarket - you can make small alterations to what you buy that can reduce the amount of waste created at home: 

  • Buy only what you need
  • Buy products that can be reused
  • Buy products with little packaging
  • Reuse or giveaway unwanted items

Google 'zero waste' to find blogs, website and easy tips to reduce waste.