November - Love your neighbour

We're talking about being a good neighbour...

Being a good neighbour means different things to different people. For some, being a good neighbour is as simple as a wave and saying hi when you see each other, making sure your waste and recycling is put out on the right day or helping an elderly neighbour. It's the little things that count.

We think our district is a great place to live and work - and being a good neighbour helps us all appreciate where we live.

When it's cold and dark outside we all see less of our neighbours. In winter check on elderly neighbours and relatives to make sure they are safe and well and not lonely.

Make sure they have enough food and medicines to prevent them having to go out and about in very cold or icy weather. Let them have your phone number so they can contact you for help. Check they are warm enough and offer to help where you can.

Keep an eye out for signs that something may be wrong such as:

Milk still out on the doorstep late in the day

Newspapers and post stuck in the letterbox

Curtains drawn during the day

Lights on during the day

A home in darkness when there should be someone in

A dog barking all day or the cat scratching to be let in

Bins not put out on collection days

Being a good neighbour also means making sure your behaviour isn't causing distress to your neighbours.

Don't carry out DIY late in the evening or early in the morning - consider whether your neighbours are elderly, have young children or work shifts.

Do you know where your children are playing, who is supervising them and what they're doing?

Can you hear your stereo or TV from another room in your home? If you can hear it, can your neighbours hear it?

If you plan to have a party have your warned your neighbours?

Does your dog bark?

All these things can be classed as anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is behaviour which causes  harassment, alarm or distress and is of a persistent and serious nature.

We work with many different organisations to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour. These include North Yorkshire Police, housing associations, the fire service, probation services and health and social care organisations. We meet regularly as part of the Safer Selby Hub to review cases, initiatives and plans. 

You can report anti-social behaviour online quickly and easily.

If you're planning a bonfire or to let off fireworks try and give neighbours a few days notice, particularly if they are elderly, have young children or pets. 

Follow advice from the Fire Service about  bonfires and fireworks.