Noise pollution

Noise is defined as unwanted sound and is the most pervasive environmental pollutant. It has the potential to cause disruption, annoyance and stress.

If you or your family are affected by noise you are entitled to complain to the Council. It is always useful to keep a log with dates, times, and the type of noise that is causing a nuisance to you.

To log a complaint please complete the noise pollution complaint form. We log your complaint onto a central database and an officer will contact you within five working days to discuss your complaint. The type of investigation we carry out will depend on the case.

Construction noise pollution

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for health and safety on construction sites. However, we deal with cases of noise or air pollution from construction sites.

If you wish to apply for prior consent for construction work to cover noise emissions please complete the form below and return to us by email or post:

Apply for prior consent for noise emissions on a construction site - doc

Further information

The Environmental Protection UK website is an excellent reference point and will provide you with a full range of guidance, information and advice on issues such as noise pollution.