Thanks for recycling more of your waste!

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The amount of waste sent for recycling has improved across the Selby district following the introduction of the new Sorted recycling service.

The new blue and brown wheelie bins were introduced earlier this year with collections starting shortly after the coronavirus pandemic started and during the nationwide lockdown. Despite these challenges the service rolled out the changes to around 40,000 properties in the Selby district.

Cllr Chris Pearson commented, “It is wonderful that Selby district residents have supported the new recycling service and sent more of their waste to be recycled. The service started at a particularly difficult time – the national lockdown was announced during the final deliveries of the wheelie bins.

“In the following weeks, residents embraced the new service and we saw an unprecedented increase in recycling material collected – in part due to the lockdown restrictions that saw more people staying at home. If the old box system had been in place these increased volumes would have exceeded the old vehicles capacity and severely impacted our ability to complete recycling collections.


April to September


April to September 2020

Tonnage Increase

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 “Thank you to everyone in the district who has used the new Sorted recycling service and helped increase the amount of waste that is recycled. This is great news for the environment and our district.”

The council has now taken delivery of 21 new recycling collection vehicles as part of the £4million service upgrade.