Selby District Council reintroduces car parking charges

Image of a parking payment stand

Selby District Council is reintroducing charges in council-owned car parks from Monday 7 September.

At the beginning of the pandemic the Council suspended all charges in their car parks. This was to support key workers, residents, and businesses. As restrictions allowed businesses to reopen the Council extended its free parking until the 5 September to further support businesses as they reopened.

As more restrictions around the pandemic have started to lift, the Council is also lifting its suspension on charges.

Leader of Selby District Council, Councillor Mark Crane, said. “As part of our emergency response to the pandemic we suspended all parking charges in our car parks. This was to support residents to stay safe and help local businesses.

“Although many other local authorities had already reintroduced parking charges across the county, we decided to continue to offer free parking. This allowed us to continue supporting local businesses especially ones who had recently reopened after lockdown.  

“With more people returning to workplaces and visiting our local towns and villages traffic levels will continue to increase. Reintroducing parking charges will allow us to ensure both short stay and long stay car parks have spaces available to as many people as possible.

“As a district we are beginning to enter the recovery stage and reintroducing parking charges will allow us to start to recover lost income which we have experienced due to coronavirus.”

Car park users are asked to be respectful of other and maintain social distancing where possible.