Removal of unauthorised development site to go ahead at Hillam

Selby District Council’s application to remove an unauthorised development on land in the district has been heard at Leeds County Court earlier this month.

The site in the North Yorkshire village of Hillam has been occupied as a residential caravan site without the necessary planning permission. Without such permission, the development and occupation of the land that has taken place was unauthorised. A planning application was submitted by the landowner, which was refused. This can be subject to an appeal process. In accordance with their planning enforcement responsibilities, Selby District Council took action.

A Consent Order has now been granted by the County Court Judge prohibiting any further development immediately and requiring anyone currently occupying the site to have left within two months.

Councillor Richard Musgrave, Selby District Council Executive Lead for Place Shaping said:

“With responsibility for planning control processes across the district, Selby District Council must ensure that all development meets the requirements set out in the planning system for England.

“This system ensures that we apply consistent principles to planning decisions and in doing so, represent the diverse needs of our residents as fairly as possible.

“The decision made by Leeds County Court last week is a welcome one for local residents in the Hillam area. Many have opposed the unauthorised development of this site and requested that the council investigate and rectify this breach.

“I am pleased that we have been able to rightfully apply the law in this matter and ensure that the unauthorised development must now cease.”

For more information about planning control and enforcement in Selby district, visit the planning pages of our website.