Partners act swiftly to contain Selby outbreak

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Due to a significant rise in the Covid-19 infection rate in Selby in recent days, North Yorkshire County Council is currently working with Public Health England to investigate an outbreak of Covid-19 at a local workplace in the Selby district.

The company is working closely with all of the agencies involved, including the county and district councils, PHE and the Health and Safety Executive, to tackle the outbreak.

On-site testing support has been provided to staff to identify additional cases, in order to limit further spread.

Louise Wallace, North Yorkshire’s Director of Public Health said: “The company is working very closely with us as we take every measure, including workforce testing on site, to contain this outbreak. 

“As a consequence we know that local infection rates will appear higher and show a short term increase before they start to drop again.

“However, this outbreak only serves to highlight that Covid-19 is still circulating among the population and shows how easily the rate can spike. So, as lockdown eases, we must all make every effort to follow the guidance around hands, face, space and fresh air, as well as taking up vaccination when it is offered.

“Our plea to everyone is to be extremely careful and to keep following the regulations until it is safe to resume a more normal way of living – we have come too far and made too many sacrifices for this effort to be wasted now.”

The focus is currently on a workplace setting, however, the authorities are also tracking any other cases in the community to reduce potential spread.

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