New refurbishments at Selby Bus Station

Cllr Mark Crane, Leader of Selby District Council welcomes new instalments to Selby Bus Station.

As part of Selby District Council’s scheme to regenerate Selby town, Selby Bus Station has been refurbished.

Brand new bus shelters have been fitted to replace the previous ones, as well as new solar lighting in each bus shelter. These new instalments will offer people places to sit, lighting and shelter when waiting for their bus.

The new installations have been put in place by Selby District Council, working alongside local retailers through the Selby Town Enterprise Partnership who helped choose the design of the new bus shelters. This is part of the District Council’s work to attract visitors into Selby and to encourage residents living in the area to use the local shops and services.

Selby District Council has invested in this refurbishment and hope visitors and residents enjoy the new facilities.

Cllr Mark Crane, Leader of Selby District Council explained. “This is about creating a welcoming atmosphere in Selby town, which will encourage people to come into town and use our local shops and services.

"The new refurbishments at Selby Bus Station will make a difference to peoples travelling experience. The new bus shelters and solar lights will provide people with seating, cover and comfort at all times whether there travelling during the day or night.

"Working with the Selby Town Enterprise Partnership has helped us make changes to the town which has improved visitors experience in the town centre, as well as provided opportunities for local businesses to grow.

"Our continued investment and dedication to improve the Selby town centre is ultimately helping to put Selby on the map.”