Tadcaster & Villages CEF help swimming school teacher

The Tadcaster & Villages Forum has helped a local swimmer become a fully qualified teacher and coach.

Stingrays swim coach Jemima Browning, has completed the Swim England Level 1 and 2 qualifications and is now a fully qualified swimming teacher and coach.

She is now employed by Tadcaster Swimming Pool Trust and is one of the qualified coaches for the Tadcaster Stingrays Swim Club.  The CEF provided funding of £1,000 to help her qualify.

Jemima was the driving force behind the setting up of the Stingrays Club. It started just over two years ago with two swimmers and now boasts 13 swimmers of different ages and different disabilities between the ages of 11 and 18 years. The groups aims are to provide a swim training session for older children, who have a disability, can swim 25 metres but wish to continue swimming for fitness, stamina and stroke technique. It is an all-inclusive environment that allows new friendships to be made and the swimmers can be part of a team.

Many of the swimmers are now registered with the Special Olympics, the DSSGB – the Downs Syndrome Swimming Great Britain team (for those with Downs Syndrome) and may in the future, compete in the Paralympics.

Fiona Garnett, Swimming Development Manager, said, “Jemima has shown a special passion for teaching older teenagers with disabilities. I am not embarrassed to say that she has inspired me! I have never come across such a delightful, thoughtful, inspiring and driven young person who is changing the lives of other for the better.”

Jemima commented, “I have always been very passionate that people with disabilities of all ages deserve the same opportunities that people without disabilities receive. I aim to promote equality, change negative perceptions and increase opportunities for people with disabilities using sport as a catalyst. I love teaching swimming because of the difference I see both in the water and out. The widespread positive benefits that learning a sport in a supportive, accepting and fun environment is truly astounding.

“I love teaching swimming to young people with and without disabilities and feel privileged to be just a small part of their development. I am therefore eternally grateful to Tadcaster CEF for allowing me to follow my passion and I am in debt to them for the work they have allowed me to do,” she added. 

Cllr Richard Sweeting, chair of the Tadcaster CEF commented, “I’d like to congratulate Jemima for her achievement. From starting the swimming club in the first place, to building on that as a young adult and having the determination to achieve this qualification, she has been outstanding. Young community leaders like her can do much to inspire all of us.”

The recent Tadcaster CEF meeting in September received updates on funding grants from the following groups:

  • Girl Guiding (Tadcaster Units) – Girl Guide Flags
  • St Marys Church, Tadcaster – Replacement of Church Tower Floodlights
  • Tadcaster Swimming Pool Trust – Tadcaster Stingrays Coach Funding
  • 1st Tadcaster Scouts – Refurbishment of Toilets at Scout Hut
  • Stutton Playgroup – Relocation Expenses
  • Stutton Social Committee – Funding for Improved AV Equipment
  • Tadcaster Arts Festival 2018

The next meeting of the Tadcaster CEF takes place on 14 January – the location will be confirmed nearer the time. For more information visit www.selby.gov.uk/cefs.