Striking new posters to discourage littering

new litter posters

Striking new litter posters are going up in the Selby district to discourage people from dropping litter.

The signs, which are being offered to all parish councils in the district, ask people who might consider dropping their rubbish ‘Why are you littering?’ 

The four options it suggests are:

  • "My parents still pick up after me"
  • "I don't care about where I live"
  • “The Council will clean up after me”
  • “I don’t have any pride”

The campaign is designed to shame people who might think it's OK to litter.

Selby District Councillor Chris Pearson said: "As lockdown eases, we know people want to meet up with friends outside. Some forget to take their litter home – and we want to remind them to clear up after themselves.

"Dropping litter about is not on, so we’ve offering these posters – free of charge – to parish councils so they can put them up where they know there has been a litter problem.

“We created these posters for our successful Don’t be a Waster campaign back in 2018 but as lockdown eases and people go out and about more often, it is a good time to offer them to our parish councils once again.

“We want to remind people: take your litter back home and don’t leave a dangerous eyesore for others to pay to clean up," he added.

Sixteen parish councils have confirmed they'll be using the new posters in towns and villages across the district.