Share your views on Selby District Council’s taxi licensing policy

Selby District Council has launched a consultation on its taxi licensing policy to ensure it meets current standards set by the Department for Transport (DfT).

The public, businesses and members of the taxi and private hire trade are being encouraged to put forward their views on the new standards, which focus on protecting children and adults at risk from harm.

The areas for consideration include further information on CCTV in vehicles, DBS checks, DVLA licence checks and the complaints process.  

Councillor Tim Grogan, Selby District Council's Lead Executive Member for Health and Culture, said: “As a former taxi licensing inspector I fully appreciate the need to ensure that public safety is paramount and as a consequence I am convinced that passengers will benefit from the recommendations contained within our policy which enshrines the new standards suggested by the DfT.

“The Council would encourage as many people as possible to take part in our consultation as it is important that we hear everyone’s views on this subject.”

To take part in the consultation please visit It will run until February 21, 2022.