Selby district’s development opportunities under the national spotlight

Major developers from across the country will be offered opportunities to invest in the Selby district this month at an event which will showcase the area’s unique assets.

Experts have been working hard to prepare the district for a new generation of investment, taking advantage of the extensive sites, comprehensive transport links and proximity to major cities the area can offer.

That can pave the way for a prosperous and environmentally sound future, by attracting new companies to the area with new ‘green’ accommodation and low-carbon transport links.

The task of ‘selling the Selby district’ will take a step forwards at the UK Real Estate investment and infrastructure Forum, which takes place at the Royal Armouries in Leeds between May 17 and 19.

That is expected to attract more than 500 visitors and exhibitors from many parts of the country.

Selby District Council will be present as part of a new regional partnership, Invest in York and North Yorkshire, which includes other local authorities and the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership. It means those looking to invest in North Yorkshire and York will be offered a huge spectrum of opportunities from just one partnership.

Members of Selby District Council’s Economic Development team will be present to highlight the district’s combination of advantages and potentially start the process of bringing more big employers to the area. David Caulfield, Selby District Council’s Director of Economic Regeneration, is one of the speakers who will address the event.

Cllr David Buckle, Selby District Council’s lead Executive member for Communities and Economic Development, said: “This event takes place on Selby’s doorstep, in Leeds, and that in itself underlines just what a tempting proposition the area is for companies wanting to expand or relocate.

“The Selby district has been going through a transition and the loss of traditional industries over recent decades has provided fresh opportunities in advanced manufacturing, agri-tech, green energy and carbon capture

“We have large brownfield sites which will become tomorrow’s business parks, built to the latest ‘green’ credentials and excellent access by road, rail, water and air.

“Those factors can help to drive down costs, reduce journey times and cut carbon emissions, which will become increasingly important as companies seek to justify their carbon footprints.”

Almost seven million square feet of industrial and logistic space in the district offers major opportunities for growth for local, national, and international investors and includes:

  • A prime rail connected site at Gascoigne Wood (2m sq. ft.)
  • Road, rail & canal connectivity at Konect 62 (The site of the former Kellingley coal mine) (1.45m sq. ft.)
  • Core 62 (The site of former Eggborough Power Station) (2.3m sq. ft.)
  • Sherburn 2 and 42, situated within an established commercial location (1.2m sq. ft.)

“Of course, from 2023 Selby District Council’s responsibilities will be transferred to the new North Yorkshire Council but we are determined to have in place the best foundations to allow that authority to maximise the area’s potential for growth,” said Cllr Buckle.

“That is why the council has worked so hard to move these plans forward and we are believe the UKREiiF conference will be a significant step forwards in that process.”

COO of the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, James Farrar, said: “It is great to have this chance to showcase why York & North Yorkshire is a great place to do business. We are a diverse region, and this is reflected in our development opportunities where we are able to offer smaller scale sites right up to massive gigafactories.

“We’re excited to attend the event in May and to meet like-minded people who are looking to invest in our region and across the UK. It’s an exciting time for York & North Yorkshire as we look forward to Devolution and the many benefits this will bring.”

For more information about ‘Invest in York & North Yorkshire’, visit Invest in York & North Yorkshire (

For more detailed information on Selby investment opportunities, visit: Selby District Council – Selby District Means Growth