Recycling service changes consultation

Selby District Council is launching a consultation over significant changes to recycling collections in the district.

The consultation will look at whether residents want to keep the current recycling box collections or move to  wheelie bin collections, with a bin for paper and another for glass, tins and plastic together.

Executive member, Cllr Chris Pearson explained, “The existing system of separate recycling boxes was introduced because at the time there were nearby recycling plants that we could take this material straight to.

“Over the years we’ve started collecting more materials and the way many councils now collect recycling has changed so it’s right that we look at what we do. We’ve listened to what you’ve told us and we know that not everyone likes the kerbside boxes. This system does allow us to collect high quality material which is easy to recycle and brings us revenue but many of you would like a wheelie bin for your recycling.

“Moving to wheelie bins would give nearly 50% more room to recycle. However the Government’s long-term waste strategy advises that paper and cardboard should be collected separately to glass, so we’re looking at a two wheelie bin recycling service.

“We want to gather as much feedback as we can about what residents think about changing the recycling service and how it could change the way they recycle, so we would like as many people as possible to take part in the consultation.”

The consultation is open until 26 June. Take part here.