Recycling consultation closes

Stacked recycling boxes

Over  6,700 people have taken part in the consultation to consider how recycling collections could be run in the future, after Selby District Council set out potential changes to the service.

The options being considered are to remain with the existing kerbside boxes for collections or to move to a wheelie bin system, with either one single bin for all recycling or two bins to help separate the waste in order for the service to be run as efficiently as possible.

A decision on whether to make any changes is scheduled for the autumn.

The consultation finished on 26 June and all the responses will now be looked at to gauge people's thoughts on the service.

Council Leader, Cllr Mark Crane, explained, "Firstly I want to thank everyone who's taken the time to send us their comments.  The sheer volume of responses demonstrates that this service is really important to people living in our area, so we need to make sure we can make an informed decision of what works best.

"We'll look at the comments received and also at other factors, such as the overall cost of the different options.  We need to ensure that the service continues to enable us all to recycle as much household waste as possible in the most cost effective way."