Our budget, your views

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Homes, the environment, jobs, supporting town centres and investing in online services - just some of the priorities in Selby District Council's budget plans for next year.  Now the Council's asking for your views on its financial proposals.

The Council has set out its draft budget plans for the next financial year - which covers the period from April 2020 to March 2021.  These plans show how the Council will use its money to support its priorities for the community.  These priorities are set out in the new Council Plan which is being developed to cover a ten year period from 2020.

Alongside investment in priorities, the Council continues to change the way services are delivered to make the most of each and every pound.  Over the past seven years, the Council's delivered ongoing savings of £6m per year.  Uncertainty over future funding means the Council wants to save a further £2.5m from the budget.  The Council is looking at making these savings through transforming the way it does business by making better use of technology, investing to support homes and business growth and working closely with other public organisations to do things together where this can be more efficient.

This year's budget proposals include the things the Council wants to invest in for future years, including:

  • projects to improve our town centres;
  • build on our recent success in supporting the visitor economy, through events such as Selby 950;
  • continuing to support local businesses;
  • funding for low carbon initiatives; and
  • delivering new homes.

 Leader of Selby District Council, Cllr Mark Crane, explained, "Through careful management over a number of years, the Council's in a stable financial position.  We mustn't rest on our laurels, however - we still need to look at how we can do things even more efficiently and effectively.

"But we've been able to invest in the things that matter most to our district and that's set to continue.  Our long-term plans include investment in new homes, protecting the environment and creating jobs and opportunities.  Our budget plans reflect these priorities."

The consultation is now closed.

People had until 24 January to take part.