New campaign raises awareness of chewing gum littering

Selby District Council is raising awareness of responsible gum disposal with a new campaign to encourage people to 'Bin it their way'.

The national Chewing Gum Action Group is aiming to prompt people to change their attitude to dropping gum. The campaign includes a series of colourful posters, adverts and banners featuring people using creative ways to put their chewing gum in the bin under a #binityourway theme.

Locally, Selby College and Barlby High School have all signed up to support the scheme and are sharing the campaign’s messages by displaying banners and posters, as well as giving students free gum wrappers to dispose of their gum properly. The initiative forms part of Selby’s Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect initiative.

Cllr Chris Pearson, Selby District Council Executive member and lead councillor with responsibility for housing, health and culture, said: "Chewing gum on pavements is ugly and unsightly. People think twice about dropping gum in a beautiful green landscape, and we want to get people to appreciate an attractive urban environment in the same way.”

As part of the campaign, posters and window stickers have also been distributed to shops, community centres and parish councils in the area. Beermats backing the campaign have also gone to local pubs.

As most chewing gum is not biodegradable, once it is trodden into the pavement it requires specialised equipment to remove.