The MySelbyDistrict mapping facility makes it easier than ever for our residents and visitors to find out more about local services in and around their area.

Our interactive mapping tool allows you to view many layers of information including:

  • Councillors for your area
  • Polling Stations
  • Household Waste Recycling Centres
  • Schools within the district
  • Digital Support locations
  • Car Parks

Our MySelbyDistrict mapping tool is currently in the BETA version. The beta label means you're looking at the first version of our new service. Further information on BETA services can be found at the GOV.UK website.

We are interested to hear your thoughts on our new mapping tool. Please let us know what you think of our new product - good and bad - we're hoping to get many responses to help us shape the future of this service for our residents and visitors. 

Suggestions for what you would like to see on the maps will be gratefully received.  We may not be able to create the layers right now but we can look to add this to a plan as our project progresses. You can let us know using our online feedback form.

We have also developed individual maps for specific topics.  

Biodiversity Maps

This map features information including Ancient Woodlands and Protected Wildlife Sites.

Interactive Biodiversity Map

Heritage Maps

This map includes Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings.

Interactive Heritage Map

We plan to extend the range of maps and information that is available to you as we progress through our project.