McDonalds offer help to put the brakes on litterbugs

Two branches of McDonalds have signed up to a deal with Selby District Council to make the authority more effective against litterbugs.

It means those seen throwing wrappers from fast food bought at either restaurant from vehicles are now more likely to be fined.

Those caught dropping litter can be issued with a £75 fine and the McDonalds branches at the Three Lakes retail park in Selby and at Bilbrough Top, Tadcaster, have agreed to help council enforcement officers. 

They will co-operate in instances where a witness sees litter being ejected from a vehicle and is able to recover it.

Where a receipt is present, it allows the vehicle used in drive-through purchases to be traced easily on CCTV footage, because receipts are all date stamped, allowing investigators to focus immediately on the correct section of footage. That allows them to match the vehicle used by the purchasers with that described by the witness.
DVLA records mean the registered keeper can be obtained, allowing officers to make further investigations to track down those in the vehicle responsible for the offence.

The two McDonalds branches are operated on a franchise basis and the agreement with Selby District Council has been brokered with each business.

The development provides another tool in helping enforcement officers control littering in the area, by providing a deterrent to potential offenders, because of the increased risk of being caught and traced.

Cllr Tim Grogan, Lead Executive Member for Health and Culture, said: “Litter is a major problem for all communities and fast food wrappers are a blight on the neighbourhoods where they are thoughtlessly dumped.

“We have a good relationship with McDonalds and they have always supported our campaigns against littering and we are delighted these outlets have taken a further step to support our work in this way.

“We know the majority of customers find a waste bin or simply take their rubbish home but those who choose to drop it in the Selby district should be aware that this change means they are increasingly likely to be traced. A £75 fine would make their take-away a very expensive meal and any subsequent offences would result in court action,” he said.

The agreement at the Three Lakes outlet has now been in place for several months and a similar agreement for the Bilbrough Top outlet has recently been confirmed.