Litter Watch launched for Don’t be a Waster campaign

An unusual ‘Litter Watch’ has been launched as part of the Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign to highlight how long different types of litter take to decompose.

The ‘#LitterWatch’ board has been created with the Council’s streetscene providers, Amey Plc, who have helped create the display board of litter dropped in our district.

The time the litter takes to decompose will be monitored and shared via our social media channels to highlight the problem of litter in our streets and raise awareness of the issue of litter in our community.

Cllr Chris Pearson, Executive member and lead councillor with responsibility for housing, leisure, health and culture, commented, “This experiment will provide a snapshot that will highlight how long it takes for different types of litter to decompose.

“We think there may be a misconception over how long the different types of litter take to disappear particularly over, for example for cigarette butts or smaller items such as receipts or sweet packets.

“We’ll revisit the #LitterWatch board every month and share how the waste is changing – we hope this will bring home how long litter can stay around.”

Damian Bell, Principal Operations Manager from Amey, explained, “We’ll be keeping the board outside at our Selby depot to face the elements so we can see how the weather affects the litter dropped in our streets. We hope that by highlighting litter in this way we can encourage residents to be responsible and do the right thing by putting litter in the bin or taking it home with them.”