Let's Talk Local

From 1 April 2023, North Yorkshire Council will replace the eight county, district and borough councils in North Yorkshire to deliver all the public services your local council currently provides. Having one new council will save money by joining up services to end duplication, helping to support services so they are stronger and fit for the future, as well as fund local decision-making. 

The new council is being built with local at the heart of everything it will do. There will be a main office in each district, supported by customer access points across North Yorkshire so you can still access help and advice face-to-face. There will also be a single website, a single telephone number, and a single local councillor serving your area. 

Community Networks will bring together residents, councillors, businesses, town and parish councils, MPs, community groups, and partners like the NHS and police and fire services. Area committees will oversee decisions on matters like licensing and planning at a local level. There will also be a single website, a single telephone number, and a single local councillor serving your area. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be asking you what local services are most important to you, how you’d like to work with the new council, and what you think the new council should focus on.  

How can I take part? 

We’re launching ‘Let’s Talk’, the biggest countywide conversation that North Yorkshire has ever seen about the issues that we think matter to all of us. The first topic of conversation is ‘Let’s Talk Local’, focussing on what’s important to you in your local area, whether that’s education, affordable housing, climate change or public transport, as well as asking for your views on the proposed Community Networks. This will be followed by conversations about the budget and proposed devolution deal later in the Autumn. You’ll hear more about ‘Let’s Talk’ in the paper, on the radio, online and on social media, and the conversation will run from early September right through to December. 

We’re taking the conversation to your communities at the places you visit and socialise, like libraries and street markets, and talking to members of local groups. You can also share your views online or, if you’d prefer, on paper. Surveys are available in accessible formats including large print and easy read, plus selected alternative languages - simply call 01609 780780 to request your copy.  

Join the conversation  

Here are a few of the events taking place where you can have your say, with many more planned: 

10/10/2022     9am – 2pm       Selby Market, Market Cross, Selby 
15/10/2022     9am – 2pm       Selby Farmers Market, Market Cross, The Crescent, Selby 
19/10/2022     10am – 12pm    Eggborough Community Cafe, Eggborough Methodist Church 
19/10/2022     2pm onwards    Selby Community Fridge, Community House Portholme Rd, Selby 
01/11/2022     10am – 12pm    Horton Drop in Café, Calcaria House, Windmill Rise. 
02/11/2022     10am – 12pm    Community Cafe, Portholme Church, Selby 
02/11/2022     10am – 12pm    Horton Drop in Café, Eggborough Methodist Church 
03/11/2022     10am – 12pm    Horton Drop in Café, Cunliffe Centre, Petre Ave, Selby 
03/11/2022     1pm – 3pm        Horton Drop in Café, Harold Mills House, Sherburn in Elmet 
08/11/2022     10am – 12pm    Tadcaster Volunteer Car & Services Association,  Fisher-More Chambers, 12 - 14 Westgate, Tadcaster, LS24 9AB

19/11/2022     9am – 2pm       Selby Farmers Market, Market Cross, The Crescent, Selby 
25/11/2022     12pm onwards  Selby Community Fridge, Community House 
28/11/2022     9am – 2pm       Selby Market, Market Cross, The Crescent, Selby 


Visit https://letstalkny.commonplace.is/