Joint working to reshape the region's economy

Working with local businesses

Selby District Council has been working in collaboration with the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to develop a plan to reshape the region’s economy in order to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the pandemic.

Working in conjunction with other local authorities and key partners, the shared vision is that the region will emerge greener, fairer and stronger as a direct result of the economic reshaping plan.

The plan for reshaping the economy will protect jobs, develop opportunities for higher skills and will be adapted to the local needs of the Selby district while strengthening the collective ambition for the region to become a carbon negative economy.

Leader of Selby District Council, Cllr Mark Crane, said, “This joint initiative focusses on how economic growth can be achieved over the long term as we move forward with the plans to become a carbon negative economy. Our priorities are supporting local businesses; the recovery of our high streets; encouraging active travel habits and enhancing the green spaces in our district.”

“This is about really building on the current, immediate COVID response that we’re in the midst of and addressing the challenges that businesses are continuing to face with a strong, clear plan for the future.”

The LEP is currently hosting a ten day collaborative campaign that will highlight the 10 pledges of the plan to reshape our economy. The campaign will highlight regional voices of leadership and give local examples of work already in action to reshape our economy to be greener, fairer and stronger.

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Read the full Plan to Reshape our Economy here.