Growing housing supply helps district meet housing needs and growth ambitions

Selby District Council continues to support the housing needs and business growth ambitions of the district by exceeding its housing approval target.

Between April and June this year, the Council approved 377 homes, which is 264 homes above target.  This means more homes in the pipeline to meet the growing need for housing in the district.  People get more for their money in this area compared to the district’s larger urban neighbours, and combined with a top quality education sector, historic market towns and picturesque countryside, it means more and more people are choosing to live in the area.

The Council has ambitious plans to make the district a great place to enjoy life and by having a supply of approved housing this will continue to provide more opportunities for people across the district looking for a home. 

Having a constant supply of housing also helps the Council meet its ambition of making the district a great place to do business. A healthy supply of housing is a great prospect to support businesses looking to grow in the area and for those looking to relocate to the district. 

Cllr John Mackman, Selby District Council’s Executive member with responsibility for  Place Shaping and Deputy Leader of the Council said, “Housing demand is growing across the district – we’re the fastest growing area in North Yorkshire - so it’s important that the Council does all it can to make sure that more homes are delivered in the area. Not only is the delivery of new homes important for our residents but it’s essential for the future success of the district by making it a great place to live.

“We want to make the Selby District a great place to do business and to do this we need to provide the facilities to meet the growing demands for the area. A housing supply is key for future growth helping to attract businesses to the area providing jobs for local people.”