Flooding - response and recovery

Image of a flooded bridge

This page gives information for people affected by flooding in Selby district.

Environment Agency update - 10 March

Environment Agency advised that river levels have dropped, and recent rainfall has not affected the River Aire, North Yorkshire County Council’s highways team yesterday (Tuesday 10 March) moved in to begin the removal of flood defences from the road through Hirst Courtney.

Click here to sign up here to get flood warnings by phone, email or text message if your home or business is at risk of flooding.

Click here to see the latest flood warnings issued in this area.

Tell us if you’ve been flooded

Our teams are out in flood affected areas, but we need to make sure we have details of every home or businesses affected by flooding.  Please contact us by email or call us on 01757 705101.

Keep safe around flood water

Flood water can be dangerous.  Please don’t walk or drive through it.

  • Just a few inches of flood water can knock you off your feet and it’s difficult to work out how deep it is
  • You can’t see hazards in the water, for example drain covers often come unstuck during flooding
  • Flood water can be contaminated


Please remember flood warnings remain in place and keep hold of any sandbags in case they’re needed again in the future.

Roads affected by flooding

Even in areas where flood water has gone down, some roads remain closed.  This is because the road surface and structure of the road may still be dangerous.  Please do not ignore road closure signs or move any barriers in place.  These are to protect you and other road users.

Click here for a full list of road closures in Selby district.

Helping you clear-up

We’re offering practical support to help people with the clear-up.  This includes delivering skips to Hirst Courtney and West Bank for flood damaged furniture and debris. (Please do not place white good in the skips, these will be collected separately). These will be emptied regularly. Please contact us if you need assistance to lift and move big items, we may be able to offer support. We have information abut clearing up after a flood here.

We have assessed the area for any spillage from septic tanks affected by flooding. If you do have a septic tank which has spilled contents into the street please contact the council for assistance with emptying the tank. Click here to find out more about septic tanks affected by flooding.

Get financial help if you’ve been affected

Due to the number of homes affected in our area, people who’ve been flooded may be eligible for financial support.

You need to contact us to apply.  Click here to find out more about the financial help available.

This includes payments of £500 for people affected, plus Council Tax or Business Rates relief for flooded homes or business premises. You may also be eligible for a grant of up to £5,000 to help protect your home against flooding in the future. 

These are the three types of funding available for residents

You can apply for all three if eligible:

The Community Recovery Grant is a payment of up to £500 for each household affected by flooding. The grant is for people where the flood water has entered the habitable areas or their residence is considered ‘unliveable’ for any period of time. The grant doesn’t provide funds for empty homes, second homes or student accommodation.

The Council Tax Discount Scheme - eligible residents can claim 100% relief on their council tax for at least 3 months* following the flooding. 
* Longer if they cannot return to their home.

The Household Flood Resilience Grant will allow flood-hit homes to apply* for up to £5,000 to help protect from future flooding, such as putting in flood doors and raising electrics off ground level.

There are three types of funding available for businesses 

You can apply for all three if eligible: 

The Business Recovery Scheme is for businesses directly impacted and that have suffered a loss of trade due to the flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance. There is up to £2,500 for eligible small and medium-sized businesses*.
* Small to medium-sized businesses are those with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £50 million.

The Business Rates Relief Scheme - eligible businesses will receive 100% relief on their business rates for at least 3 months* following the flooding.
* Longer if trading cannot resume from the property.

The Business Flood Resilience Grant will allow flood-hit homes to apply* for up to £5,000 to help protect from future flooding, such as putting in flood doors and raising electrics off ground level.

Two Ridings Community Foundation have a disaster and recovery fund which can help those affected by flooding.

Two Ridings Flood Grant Guidelines

Two Ridings Flood Application Form

Keeping you safe

North Yorkshire Police are continuing to closely monitor areas affected by flooding to help keep you and your property safe.  If you see any suspicious activity or have any concerns about people’s behaviour please call 101, or if it’s an emergency call 999.