European elections - plan your vote

Elections to the European Parliament take place across the UK on Thursday 23 May.  Polling cards have been issued to all those registered to vote in person across the Selby district.  These include details of the polling station to use.  Postal votes have already been sent out to those who're registered to vote in this way.

As with the recent local elections, polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm so you can plan your vote around your day.  If you've not yet returned a postal vote, these can be handed in at your polling station too.

Polling takes places across Europe over four days, starting on Thursday 23 May.  This means that the count in the UK takes place on Sunday 26 May.  The Selby district is part of the Yorkshire and Humber region, which is represented by six members of the European parliament.  The UK has 73 MEPs in total, across 12 regions.

This vote is taking place because the UK currently remains a member of the European Union.  A full list of candidates can be found here.   

Importantly for this election, EU citizens from any member state outside the UK who're currently on the electoral register will have received a special form.  Any EU citizen who wishes to vote here should have completed and returned this form to be eligible to vote in the UK.