Escrick residents to have their say on the new Neighbourhood Plan for the village

Escrick plan cover image

Residents of Escrick are being invited to influence the way the village develops over the coming years, as part of the village’s Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council has drawn up the draft Neighbourhood Plan for the village which has now been published. Views are now being invited on the document in a consultation that runs from 21 February to 4 April.

Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Executive Member for Place Shaping, Cllr Richard Musgrave, said: “I encourage every person who lives, works and visits Escrick to get involved and take part in this consultation. People’s views can really make a difference to their local community.

“This Neighbourhood Development Plan will give residents the power to develop a shared vision for their village. The Plan looks at what makes Escrick unique, while setting out how it can be nurtured and enhanced in the future.

“The aim of the plan is to ensure development is appropriate and suitable in the village, meeting the needs of current and future generations.”

Tudor Rees, Escrick Parish Councillor and Neighbourhood Development Plan team leader added: “Escrick Neighbourhood Plan is the most local guide to what can be built where, the design standards to adopt, and determining the future pattern of development.  

“The Neighbourhood Plan has been developed through a long period of consultation with residents and businesses in our Parish. Once adopted it will provide statutory guidance to the planning authority when considering applications in the Parish.  It is the opportunity to give our community a much stronger voice on issues that really matter to them. It strikes an important balance between the need for development and the protection of the natural and historic environment.

“We are very grateful for all the input already received and welcome this final opportunity for residents to comment on the draft proposals before they are submitted for examination.”

Copies of the plan can be viewed online at:

Selby District Council’s webpage: or;

Escrick Parish Council webpage:

Send your comments to Selby District Council by:

The draft plan and the comments received will then be considered by an independent examiner at an independent examination. The Inspector will determine whether the draft plan can then proceed to the referendum stage.

Notes for editors

Escrick Parish Council formally submitted the draft Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan to Selby District Council in January 2022. The District Council is now inviting comments on the submission draft Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan prior to examination by an independent examiner.

Neighbourhood Development Plans were introduced by the Localism Act in 2011 which gave local communities new rights to plan and shape their neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Development Plans set out planning policies to guide future development by giving local communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their area. The Neighbourhood Development Plan process allows a community to set out where new shops, homes and places of employment should be located within their community as well as having a say on what those buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided to support the new developments.

The Escrick Neighbourhood Area was formally designated in November 2017 following a period of consultation on the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Area application.

Residents and businesses in Escrick are being asked to comment on this new community led planning document for the Escrick Neighbourhood Area which has been prepared by Escrick Parish Council and a group of residents in partnership with an independent planning consultant and Selby District Council.  

The draft plan will be considered by an independent examiner at an examination following this consultation. The purpose of the examination is to ensure that the neighbourhood development plan is in conformity with the District Council’s Local Plan and national planning guidance provided in the National Planning Policy Framework. The Examiner will also check for conformity with equality, human rights, sustainability, nature and conservation designations. Following the examination, the examiner will propose to the District Council one of three recommendations:

  • That the draft plan should proceed to referendum
  • That it should proceed to referendum but with amendments
  • That the draft plan should be refused

Selby District Council will organise the referendum which will be open to residents in the designated Escrick Neighbourhood Area. For the Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan to be adopted, over 50% of the voters need to endorse the plan. Selby District Council will then “make” or adopt the plan. Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan will then become part of Selby District Council’s Development Plan and will be used in the determination of planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.