Don't be a Waster - be a good neighbour

Consider your neighbours this November – that’s the new focus for our Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign.

Our 12-month project that has looked at issues such as litter, fly tipping and dog fouling is now focusing on being a good neighbour.

Lead Councillor for Housing, Leisure, Health and Culture, Cllr Richard Musgrave explained, “At this time of year we all see less of our neighbours as it gets darker earlier.

“We want to encourage all our residents to think about whether they have a vulnerable neighbour or even someone who seems a little lonely. Small acts of kindness, such as offering to carry their shopping or popping round for a cup of tea can make a big difference and is a great way of getting to know your neighbours.

“Take extra care in icy conditions – check on elderly neighbours, friends and relatives to make sure they’re safe and warm during very cold weather.

“We also want to encourage considerate behaviour – think about whether your behaviour may be affecting your neighbours, keep the noise down late at night and if you do need to light a bonfire only burn dry material, never household waste such as plastic, rubber and foam."

Follow our good bonfire guide to stop your bonfire from being a nuisance:

  • Be neighbour friendly - warn them in advance and avoid burning at weekends if you can.
  • Make sure what you are burning is dry.
  • Never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, plastics, foam or paint.
  • Never use old engine oil, methylated spirits or petrol to light the fire or encourage it.
  • Avoid lighting a fire in unsuitable weather conditions, for example when it’s windy.
  • Avoid burning when the wind will carry smoke over roads or into other people’s property.
  • Never leave a fire unattended or leave it to smoulder. Douse it with water if necessary.