District Council sets Council Tax rate

Selby District Council has set a Council Tax increase of around 10p per week for an average-sized home in the district, which enables the Council to invest in supporting future homes and business growth whilst still driving through significant savings and efficiencies.

From 1 April, the annual cost of the District Council’s part of the charge will be £175.22 for a Band D home - this is an increase of just £5 over the whole year.  Band D is the average sized property.

Selby District Council’s part of Council Tax amounts to around 10% of the total bill.  The rest goes to other organisations delivering public services, including North Yorkshire County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner.  It’s the District Council’s name at the top of the bills because the District Council is the organisation that collects the money on behalf of all those involved.

Selby District Council Leader, Cllr Mark Crane, explained, “Our budget this year is a balance between continuing to make savings and doing things more efficiently – for which we have a great track record – but also investing in the long-term for our district.

“We’ve made significant strides over the past twelve months in our work to support business and sustainable housing growth, and we’ve set out ambitious plans to invest in delivering new affordable homes, for example. This is because we want to invest in the things that will deliver long-term benefits to our area and support people living and working here.  That’s why we’ve agreed this modest increase, which is supported by ongoing savings.

“Paying just £175 per year for all District Council services represents great value for money and has been made possible because of our work over a number of years to drive through savings and make good investments.”

As happened last year, this year’s bill will include funding for adult social care services for North Yorkshire County Council.  This money goes to support older people and vulnerable adults, where demand for services increases.

You can see the full budget report, including a breakdown of Council Tax rates in each parish.