Clean Driver Scheme

An innovative WRAP funded scheme to tackle litter hotspots has been launched in conjunction with local haulage businesses.

The Clean Driver Scheme will target litter at hot spots by focusing first on Sherburn Industrial Estate. The Council is working in conjunction with local businesses to help make sure their drivers dispose of their rubbish properly.

Businesses signing up to the scheme receive an in-cab tidy package that gives drivers litter bags for their rubbish, reusable coffee cups, and pocket ashtrays to encourage the responsible rubbish disposal.

Drivers taking part will display in cab window stickers. The package will also include information about local facilities, such as litter bins, in graphics format so the information will be accessible to drivers from other countries.

Lead Councillor for Housing, Health and Culture, Cllr Chris Pearson, explained, “We identified an issue with litter at these areas, so have worked with WRAP to develop a new scheme that will help to tackle this problem.

“We’re now working with local businesses who are as keen as we are to see improvements near their premises as well as encouraging behaviour change from visitors to our district.”

Companies who have already signed up to the scheme include Cromwell Polythene Ltd, John King Chains and Cranswick Gourmet Bacon, all based on the Sherburn Industrial Estate.

James Lee, managing director at Cromwell Polythene Ltd, commented, “We are delighted to see issues such as littering at the forefront of the publics’ attentions.  Plastics have been in the news a lot recently and for all the wrong reasons, but as a company we firmly believe that plastics can be used to benefit the environment when they are used responsibly, and we are always keen to lend support to initiatives which encourage responsible behaviour and attitudes towards waste management.”

In addition to signing up to the scheme, Cromwell Polythene Ltd and Cranswick Gourmet Bacon have both funded brand new litter bins on the industrial estate.

The campaign has won funding from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) litter innovation fund and includes funding for new signage about the scheme in laybys in the problem areas. Baseline litter monitoring will be carried out before and after the scheme to assess how effective it has been.