Appeal for support from the public to tackle dog fouling

Members of the public are being urged to report dog owners who fail to clean up after their dog has fouled.
The Council’s Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign is highlighting the issue of dog fouling this month by reminding dog owners of the penalties and asking residents to report the culprits.
As well as working with parish councils, schools and community groups to tackle the issue, the Council is also working with the Dogs Trust to host community events to promote responsible dog ownership. The events will take place in Riccall, Sherburn in Elmet and Selby. One has already taken place in Tadcaster.
Free dog poo bags, supplied by Jollyes Pet Superstore in Selby, are being given away at the Council’s Access Selby office in Market Cross, Selby and at the Regen Centre, Riccall.
Cllr Richard Musgrove said, “Dog fouling is totally unacceptable. The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets. 
“During July we’ll be reminding everyone how easy it is to report someone for not picking up after their dog – and the penalties for doing so.
“Failing to clean up after your dog is anti-social, smelly and can spread diseases. There are no excuses for failing to clean up after your dog and if we catch you, we will fine you.”
Don’t forget – bagged dog poo can be placed in any of the district’s 600 plus litter and dog waste bins.
When reporting an offence of dog fouling please think about the following:
  • Do you know of a dog owner who never, or hardly ever, picks up after their pet?
  • Do they usually walk the dog at a certain time during the day?
  • What times are the offences being committed?
  • Where are the offences being committed?
  • What does the dog look like?
  • What does the owner look like?
  • If the dog owner using a car, what is the number on the registration plate?
Cllr Musgrave added, “Dog fouling can be tackled by the whole community working together. Some dog owners think that they can get away with not picking up after their pet if they believe they cannot be seen. But as more and more people come forward to report dog fouling offences, irresponsible dog owners may start to think twice about their actions.”
It is an offence for a person in charge of a dog at the time it fouls not to clean up its faeces in a public place. Failure to clean up after a dog has fouled may result in a fixed penalty fine of £75, payable within 14 days, or a fine of up to £1,000 if court action is taken.
Residents who witness dog fouling are asked to contact the Council and provide as much information as possible. To report dog fouling, visit, email or telephone 01757 705101.