Annual Canvass

Selby District Council is to commence its Annual Canvass, the Household Enquiry Forms (HEF) were issued to all households in the district today (20 July), so will start arriving at residents doorsteps shortly.

The HEF’s issued outline who is currently registered to vote in that household, it is not a registration form. Please can all households review the form and take the necessary action that is applicable to their circumstances.

If there are no changes residents can respond by calling 0800 197 9871, texting NOCHANGE to 80212 or visiting Each HEF will contain its own security code and residents will need these codes when responding via one of the methods mentioned previously. Alternatively if residents are not able to respond via one of the above methods, they can return the form via post to the Council offices in the pre-paid envelope provided.

If there are changes to be made, for example if someone has recently moved in or out of the household, residents can confirm these changes using their security codes by visiting or they can outline changes on the form and return it via the post.

Following the return of the HEF, if there are new residents in the household, they will need to visit to formally register. Visiting the website is the most simple and effective way to register, however If they are unable to register online, we will send them an Invitation to Register (ITR) form which they will need to complete and return to us.

The Chief Executive of Selby District Council, Mary Weastell said, “It is essential that the Council has the correct information about each household. This means more of our residents at future elections will be able to participate and place their vote. Please can all residents complete the Household Enquiry Forms as soon as possible to avoid reminder letters being issued, which adds more costs to the Council.”

It is a legal requirement to respond to the HEF and we encourage residents to respond as possible and by no later than Wednesday 18 August 2015. Reminders will be issued to households who have not responded by this date. If we still haven’t obtained a response, a canvasser will call at the property. In order to avoid us having to send reminders and call at the property, we encourage residents to assist us in responding of their own accord by the deadline date.

If you have any queries concerning the process, you can call Selby District Council on 01757 705101 or email