Action and enforcement evening in Selby, Sherburn and Tadcaster

Image of drug sniffer dog Roscoe

A night of enforcement, action and reassurance for members of the public was carried out on Saturday night in Selby, Tadcaster and Sherburn, in a joint Police, Fire and District Council operation.

Police officers worked with District Council enforcement and licensing officers and North Yorkshire Fire Service in a series of co-ordinated visits to pubs and venues across the district on Saturday 7 December. The action evening was organised by the Safer Selby Community Safety Partnership and included drug sniffer dog Roscoe and handler.

Police Inspector Martin Wedgwood explained, “As part of our commitment to making the district a safer place to live we have teamed up with an array of colleagues to demonstrate a greater presence on the streets in the run up to Christmas.

 “The purpose of this night of action has been for members of the public to see that we work closely with partners to deal with antisocial behaviour and ensure that businesses are operating correctly.”

In addition enforcement checks were carried out in premises which included checking requirements to display a license for gaming machines and to give out various campaign posters to display.

A number of searches were carried out on individuals and drugs were recovered as part of the operation, with follow up work to be completed by North Yorkshire Police.