Get involved - survey of housing need for North Duffield parish

image of graphic houses

What kind of housing is needed in North Duffield? Do you have a local connection to the North Duffield parish and are struggling to get a home that is suitable and affordable?

We are carrying out Housing Need Survey in the parish of North Duffield. The survey is to find out if there is need for affordable housing and the type and mix of homes that are required.

The Council will be writing to every household in North Duffield to ask them to take part in the housing need survey - but the survey is also open to anyone who has a local connection to the parish and is in housing need.

You can request a hard copy of the survey by contacting Selby’s Rural Housing Enabler, Lily McQuade on 01757 292 318 or complete the North Duffield survey online. The closing date for responses is 29 March.

Lead executive member with responsibility for housing, health and culture, Cllr Chris Pearson, commented, “It is important that we work with communities to gather local information and identify where there is a need for local affordable homes for those with a local connection to the parish.

“Housing demand is growing across the district so it’s important that we do all we can to make sure that more homes are delivered. Not only is the delivery of new homes important for our residents and our businesses but it’s essential for the future success of the district by making it a great place to live.”

You will generally be classed as having a local connection if you (or anyone living with you) live or work, or used to live or work in the parish, or if you have family, or a care and support network in the parish.