Election results 2021

election count

The final results have been declared for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and local by-elections.

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

Philip Allott (cons) has been elected as the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for York and North Yorkshire.

Janet Waggott, Police Area Returning Officer for North Yorkshire Police Authority and Chief Executive of Selby District Council made the announcement today (6 May) at the results centre in Selby.

After a two-stage count, the final results were: Philip Allott (Conservative) 84,737, Alison Hume (Labour) 53,442.

The overall turnout for the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election was 25.33%. The turnout for Selby District was 26.66%.

A full break down of the first and second stage counts

Local elections

Camblesforth and Carlton Ward by-election

Charles Richardson (cons) has been elected as the councillor for the Camblesforth and Carlton ward.

David John Bowgett - Labour Party – 342 

Barry Jones - Green Party – 162 

Charles Richardson - Conservative Party – 996 

Church Fenton Parish by-election 

Jessica Kate Copper, Stewart Keith Ferris and Jo Mason have been elected as the councillors for Church Fenton Parish Council.

Jessica Kate Copper – 259 

Stewart Keith Ferris – 267 

Joanna Mason – 241 

Stuart Metcalfe – 226 


On 26 May 2021, a petition questioning the Church Fenton Parish Council by-election was presented in the High Court. A link to the petition is here.