Council supports businesses throughout lockdown

Grants available for businesses

Selby District Council is prioritising business grants to help local businesses receive funding during the lockdown restrictions.

Many businesses in the Selby District will be eligible for grants relating to Tier 2, Tier 3 and national lockdown restrictions. To ensure businesses receive the financial support they need, the council will use existing records to pay eligible businesses who applied and received support in the second lockdown. This means businesses who have previously applied for a grant from the council will not need to complete another application form.

This approach will allow a quicker payment process meaning business will receive support sooner rather than later.

The council is still waiting for full details, guidance and timelines for the latest government grants including the one-off-top-up grant for businesses in the retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors.

The discretionary business grant will be distributed through our Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme. Businesses which have previously applied for this will automatically be considered for the new discretionary scheme. The Additional Restrictions Grant funding given to the council last year, has to last until March 2022. The council will continue to review the situation and look at how to best to use the funding to ensure businesses are fairly supported. The eligibility criteria will continue to be reviewed to ensure it is providing the most support to as many businesses as possible.

The Discretionary scheme will support businesses which have previously missed out on Government grant schemes and have not been forced to closed but have been severely impacted by the national restrictions.

Using the information already received by businesses will allow the council to quickly identify eligible businesses and make payments. All eligible businesses will have received communications by email advising they are eligible.

Those businesses do not need to contact the council. Officers are working out the amounts each business is entitled to and will pay grant payments up to the first review date in mid-February.

Leader of the Selby District Council, Councillor Mark Crane, said. “We know this is a very frustrating and difficult time for businesses in the Selby district.

“Our Officers once again are working hard to ensure eligible businesses receive the support they need.

“As a Council we are managing many grants covering different levels of restrictions from different times of the year. I strongly urge businesses who haven’t already applied for a grant recently, to check our website and apply:

“Last year was a very challenging year for local businesses and the currently lockdown will mean many businesses are still facing difficulties in the New Year. I hope this additional funding will provide businesses with the financial support they need.”

Types of grants available for businesses:

New one-off national lockdown grants

The Chancellor recently announced a one-off top-up grants for businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. These businesses can receive a maximum of £9,000 and the amount is based on their properties rateable value.

We are still waiting for the guidance from Government for this grant. Once we have the information, we will open this scheme.

Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed addendum) Scheme

This grant is for businesses there have been forced to close due to the current national lockdown (from 5 January 2021).

Additional Restrictions Grant

This grant is to support businesses which have not been forced to closed and are not eligible for any other government support but have been severely impacted by the national lockdown.  

As restrictions have changed more businesses have become eligible for this grant.

Local Restrictions Grant (closed)

This grant is for businesses which had to closed due to Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions. Businesses that are on the business rates list are eligible for this grant.

Local Restrictions Grant (open)

This grant is to support businesses which remained open during Tier 2 and Tier 3 restrictions but were severely impacted by the local restrictions.

Christmas Support payment for Wet-led Pubs

Any pubs that receive less than 50% of their trade income from food sales will also be eligible for £1000 one off payment for the month of December.