Archaeologists to investigate Selby Park ahead of new improvement work

Selby park welcome board

Archaeologists are to conduct a study of Selby Park and adjacent land with the Selby business park ahead of improvement works in the station area which will modernise facilities for residents and visitors.

The Selby Station Gateway project will see a programme of changes to improve access to bus and rail services and to the park, which provides a tranquil area covering five acres in the town centre.  Proposals to the park include improved pathways that will link the railway station to the abbey and town centre.

Prior to the start of the gateway project, archaeological investigations will be carried out to help understand if anything of significance remains beneath the surface to the areas of proposed works. The investigations are to be carried out to fulfil conditions for the planning consent for the gateway works.

The archaeological investigations will commence on July 4, 2022 and be undertaken by York Archaeological Trust (YAT) and will consist of four trial pits within Selby park, each 2m x 1m, and two 6m x 2m trenches within the nearby Selby Business Centre car park. The excavations shall be reinstated following completion of the investigation works.

During these works, the areas of investigation will be secured with fencing to provide safe working areas for YAT and provide protection for visitors of the park and the Business park carpark. The park will remain open, with the Business centre parking area also remaining open but with reduced capacity.

Cllr David Buckle, Selby District Council’s Lead Executive Member for Communities and Economic Development, said: “Improvements to Selby Park are part of the wider town centre revitalisation project which will create better public spaces and a much improved railway station, bringing major investment to Selby.

“Having Selby Park so close to the public transport stations is a great advantage and although it is already a wonderful facility, we want to make it better.

“This survey is a precaution to ensure nothing of archaeological value is damaged as work progresses on the changes.”

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