Additional support for businesses impacted by the national restrictions

Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme banner

When the current national restrictions were announced, the government provided all local councils with additional funding to offer support to businesses who were unable to receive funding through the Local Restrictions Support Grant.

The new Addition Restrictions Grant is a discretionary scheme which has been set up by Selby District Council. This scheme will support businesses that have been severely impacted by the national restrictions, such as those supplying the retail and hospitality sectors, market traders and accommodation businesses.

Businesses have until Friday 11 December to apply for this grant.

Eligibility for this grant includes:

  • A business which has a property in the Selby district or is run by a local resident and trades within the district and:
    • Has been effectively forced to close due to the national restrictions but don’t qualify for other government grants, whether they are liable for business rates or not. This will include personal service providers, those supplying the retail and hospitality sector, market traders or
    • Has had its trade severely impacted by at least 50% due to the national restrictions. Whether they are liable for business rates or not.
    • Is outside of the business rates system or are not directly the rate payer for business rates, such as those in shared spaces and are not legally forced to close but have been severely impacted by the national restrictions

Councillor Mark Crane, Leader of Selby District Council, said. “As a council we have developed a scheme which will help many businesses in the district that have previously missed out on financial support.

“The financial packages such as the Local Restrictions Payment Support Grant and the Additional Restrictions Grant will help businesses through these difficult times. The pandemic has shown just how vital local businesses are within our district. I strongly encourage all businesses to visit our website and apply for these grants.

“To be fair to all businesses the Additional Restrictions Grant application window will be open for two weeks. In this time no applications will be processed, instead once the application window has closed our officers will review all the applications and process applications as quickly as possible.

“The resilience businesses have shown throughout this year is something to be proud of. I hope these grants will provide many businesses with additional financial support.”

For more information about the Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme and the Local Restrictions Payment Grant visit