Additional Covid testing set up in Selby to curtail outbreak

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North Yorkshire’s Public Health service has set up an additional Covid-19 testing site in Selby in a bid to contain a current outbreak.

The testing site has been established for people who do not have symptoms in a bid to prevent wider community spread of the infection.

The Covid-19 infection rate per 100,000 population has more than doubled in Selby in the last week, moving from 46.3 to 107 currently – the highest rate nationally.

Partners have taken swift action -  North Yorkshire County Council, Public Health England, Selby District Council and the Health and Safety Executive have all been working closely together and with the logistics company Clipper, whose workforce in Selby has been significantly affected by the outbreak. 

A mobile testing unit has been deployed to the work site and the authorities are also working in the wider community in schools and care settings,  community centres and the hospitality sector, to reinforce key prevention messages and help manage any cases as and when they occur.  They are also reaching out to different parts of the community, particularly where people’s first language may not be English.

The asymptomatic testing site has been set up from today (April 30th) as an additional precaution to give people living in Selby the chance to come forward and take a test in order to curtail any community transmission.

Louise Wallace, North Yorkshire’s Director of Public Health said: “This outbreak is a reminder that Covid-19 is still with us and can easily spread across our communities.

“All agencies in Selby are focused on how further infections can be stopped and the rates brought under control.

“I am grateful for all of the effort that has been put in by colleagues from our council as well as Selby District Council and other agencies to try and limit any spread and to make sure that businesses and other community organisations centred around Selby are on top of all of their precautions to avoid any further community transmission.

“Selby is geographically located at the heart of the wider Yorkshire region, with extensive transport networks and lots of inward and outward travel to work so its Covid-19 infection rate is prone to that sort of turbulence, more than some other areas in North Yorkshire.

“We look on a daily basis at the data in each district in order to deal with outbreaks in a range of settings as they occur. All partners are ready to act swiftly as the need occurs as is the case currently in Selby.”

Janet Waggott, Chief Executive of Selby District Council said:  “As regular testing is a very important element of the roadmap to national recovery, we welcome the opening of the new Assisted Lateral Flow Testing Site in Selby today.

“This will provide our local residents with an easily accessible local site from which to obtain home testing kits.

“Importantly, it will also give anyone new to testing or anyone unsure about the process, the skills and knowledge to carry out this process at home with confidence.

“Alongside the existing testing kit pick-up points in Selby, this new site further strengthens our ability to make sure our district continues to be a safe place.

“I would encourage any local residents who are not already testing to take their first step to doing so by coming along to this new site.”