Monday 4 May update

Coronavirus Testing 

Mobile units are now operating in different areas of the county at different times. 

Tests will tell you if you have the virus at any given point.  You should only consider testing if you have any symptoms. Testing is available for essential workers and members of their household.  Essential workers are different to key workers - the current list of essential worker and those prioritised for testing can be found here.

Testing is important. It means you know what steps you have to take to protect yourself and others. If you test positive you need to isolate for seven days, and people in your household need to isolate for 14 days. This works the other way around too.  If you live with someone who is displaying symptoms, then you must self-isolate for 14 days.  Even if you don’t have a test, you need to abide by these rules if you have any symptoms.  Read the full government guidance here.

Supporting Businesses 

Thanks to hard work of staff in many different parts of the organisation, over 1,200 businesses have now received over £14m in Government grant funding. We’ve now processed 100% of the grants that eligible businesses requested. This has resulted in us being one of the best performing councils in terms of the percentage of grants given to businesses quickly in the Leeds City Region area. 

We’ve invested an emergency fund of £20,000 to provide a number of small businesses in Selby District with free 12 months membership to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) 

The Federation of Small Businesses offers members a wide range of vital businesses services, including crisis management, debt recovery, legal advice and financial expertise, including access to funding opportunities.

Around 100 businesses will be able to access the free membership and demand is likely to be high, so businesses will need to apply via our website as soon as possible.

Supporting communities 

We continue to proactively contact people in our community who we know may need extra help or support at the moment. Following an initial round of calls to people identified as being in the ‘shielded’ group, we’ve been contacting other vulnerable residents – identified through services such as Lifeline, assisted bin collections and housing services. The aim is to check-in with people to ensure they have what they need. 

We continue to work with North Yorkshire County Council and community support organisations. We're still asking anyone who needs help to use one central number - 01609 780 780

Service information 

Last week we answered 1,315 calls with an average wait time of 1 minute 5 seconds as well as 250 emails to We’ve also seen almost 10,000 visitors accessing business and community information about the coronavirus on our website.

The planning service has resumed some site visits, working within social distancing guidance and with relevant PPE. The housing team is continuing to respond to emergency repairs. 

Our new recycling service also continues to see a big uptake in the total amount of material being recycled and collected.