March - Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping is a blight on too many parts of the district. It looks terrible and is expensive to clean up.

We need your help - if you see someone dumping waste illegally report it.

We're working with a local arts charity to produce clay faces for fly tipping hot spots. These act as a visual deterrent for fly tippers and in other parts of the country this kind of initiative has helped reduce fly tipping incidents. We'll have more details about these for you soon.

We're starting to use new 'Council aware' and 'witness appeal' stickers on fly tipping that has been reported to us. The 'Council aware' stickers will reduce repeat reporting to us of incidents and the 'witness appeal' stickers will help gather vital evidence that could help us prosecute fly tippers.

North Yorkshire County Council are supporting our campaign and introducing new display information at Household Waste Recycling Centres in the district which explain clearly what waste can be disposed of at the sites.

We've got a new Hall of Shame page highlighting individuals recently prosecuted for fly tipping - and you can see the waste they dumped in our district.