New Local Plan

Selby District Local Plan logoThe New Local Plan is a vision and framework for future growth of our district, identifying where new housing, employment and other development could take place. It also sets out the policies we'll use to decide planning applications.

The preparation of a new Local Plan will help to ensure that the Council has a development plan for the whole district, in line with current national planning guidance which properly reflects its Economic Strategy and Corporate Priorities.

Preferred Options (2021) - Consultation Closed

We held a six week consultation between 29 January and 12 March 2021 for the Preferred Options Local Plan 2021, the consultation is now closed. We will now consider responses to the plan and more information will be given in due course. 

If you have any queries please contact the Planning Policy Team at or call 01757 292134. 

How to view the document

The Preferred Options Local Plan 2021 document is available to view online at the Council's Consultation Portal

Or alternatively you can view the document as a PDF below:

This consultation document sets out the Council's preferred approach to development growth in the District up to 2040. The document sets out the current preferred spatial approach in terms of where development will be focused and the draft policies which will be used to determine planning applications. It is important to note that this is not the final stage of the plan as we are continuing to complete a number of key pieces of evidence, which may influence the final version of the plan. However, it provides an indication of our preferred approach at this stage.

It has been highlighted to us that the description of some of the sites in the Local Plan Preferred Options could be clearer. Although all sites are accompanied with individual site location maps, for further clarity please find below the revised site location descriptions.

  • BRAY-B, page 191 of the consultation document. The site location is described as “land south of Brackenhill Lane”. For clarity this site is East of Moat Way/North of Evergreen Way.
  • HENS-L, page 227 of the consultation document. The site location is described as “Land north of Weeland Road”. For clarity this site is North of Wand Lane.
  • SHER-AA, page 267  of the consultation document. The site is described as Land to Prospect Farm, Low Street. For clarity this site is the land to the North of the Former Gascoigne Wood Mine Site.
  • ULLE-K, page 303 of the consultation document. This site is described as Land South of Barley Horn Road . For clarity this site is land to the East of Bell Lane

As part of the preparation of the Preferred Options Local Plan 2021, there have been a number of evidence base documents that have been prepared to support the document, these are available to view online at the Council's Consultation Portal.

Alternatively links to these are available below:

For all other evidence base documents please see here.

To see our frequently asked questions related to the Local Plan and Preferred Options Consultation please click here

​Consultation Events

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we held two virtual public meetings on the 11 and 16 February 2021 starting at 6:30pm. The purpose of these sessions was to provide information about the Local Plan including the proposed "preferred" sites. These sessions also provided members of the public with a chance to ask questions. The questions and answers from these two virtual public meetings can be viewed here.

Timescales for Preparation of the Local Plan

The Local Development Scheme sets out the timescales for the preparation of the Local Plan.

Issues and Options Consultation (now closed)

We held a six week consultation from 24 January to 6 March 2020 on the Local Plan Issues and Options document. 

The comments received during the consultation - along with the Council's responses, are available to view on our consultation portal.

This Issues and Options consultation is the first stage in the process of developing a Local Plan and asked for comments on the key issues that have been identified and for views on alternative options for growth.   

You can find out more about the Issues and Options consultation on our consultation portal page along with information about: