Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal & Habitats Regulation Assessment

The Sustainability Appraisal considers and communicates the likely significant effects of the Selby District Local Plan (Publication Version) 2022, and the reasonable alternatives considered during the plan making process, in terms of key sustainability issues. The aim of Sustainability Appraisal is to inform and influence the plan-making process with a view to avoiding or mitigating negative effects and maximising positive effects. Through this approach, the Sustainability Appraisal seeks to maximise the emerging Local Plan’s contribution to sustainable development.

Sustainability Appraisal Reg 19 with Appendices (July 2022)

The Non-Technical Summary concisely summarises the sustainability appraisal (SA) for the Selby Local Plan (2020-2040).

Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary (July 2022)

The objective of this Habitats Regulation Assessment is to identify any aspects of the Selby District Local Plan (Publication Version) 2022 that would cause Likely Significant Effects (LSEs) and adverse effects on the integrity of sites designated for their international nature conservation interest, otherwise known as European sites (Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs), candidate Special Areas of Conservation (cSACs), potential Special Protection Areas (pSPAs) and, as a matter of Government policy, Ramsar sites, either alone or in-combination with other plans and projects.

Habitats Regulations Assessment Reg19 Publication (August 2022)