Local Plan Consultation Database

The Selby Planning Policy Team maintains a database of individuals and companies who have expressed an interest in being kept informed about the emerging New Local Plan and other planning policy matters.

The Local Plan Consultation Database is used to consult on the production of new documents or updates to existing planning publications.

We welcome your help in providing up-to-date contact details.

On this webpage you have the opportunity to remain in our consultation database, to amend your details or to be removed.  The contact details we hold are:

Your name, company/organisation, address, telephone number and email.  

At any time you can change your details or request to be removed* from the consultation database.

*If you/your company/organisation is identified as a consultee in statutory regulations or within the Council’s consultation documents, you/your organisation will remain on the contact list even if you indicate otherwise.  Please see the Privacy Notice which details these regulations.

What to do next?

If you wish to receive information about our planning policy work, including the development of the New Local Plan, please complete the form below.

Importantly, if you/your organisation/company are already on the Consultation Database and you/your company/organisation do not wish to receive any further information about the Council’s planning policy work, we also need to know.  Please complete the ‘opt out’ clause by asking to be removed from the Consultation Database.  You can also amend you/your company/organisation’s details on the form below.

Further Information
Please see the Planning Policy Privacy Notice webpage for how the Planning Policy Team will use your contact information, who the team will share this data with, the legal basis for the use of your contact details and how long your details will be retained. If you have any queries please contact localplan@selby.gov.uk.


Consultation Database Listing Form

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