Local Plan and CIL Viability Report

The purpose of the Local Plan and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Viability Report is to:

  • Provide an assessment of the the cumulative impacts of the Local Plan policy requirements on the viability of development across a range of site typologies and locations.
  • To advise on affordable housing and CIL in the context of the emerging Local Plan.
  • Ensure that policies are realistic, and that the total cumulative cost of all relevant policies will not undermine deliverability of the plan.
  • Set viable policy requirements that take account of affordable housing and infrastructure needs.
  • Allocate sites and set polices for sites, such as affordable housing requirements, which are deliverable, without the need for further viability assessment at the decision making stage.
  • Develop typologies for certain types of sites to determine viability at the plan making stage.
  • Review the existing CIL charging schedule and recommend any changes that may be required.


Selby Local Plan and CIL Viability Report (January 2021)

The July 2020 draft of the emerging Selby Local Plan was reviewed in order to test the cumulative impact of the policies in the Publication version of the Local Plan.

Selby Local Plan and CIL Viability Addendum Report inc appendices (August 2022)