Local lettings plan

Brand new home in Grey Fold, Byram - Available to let

Our partners Home Group have a 2 two bed properties in Byram which will be advertised through North Yorkshire Home Choice 

Qualifying criteria - Grey Fold, Byram

Initial priority will be given to applicants who have a local connection to the following parishes :- Byram, Brotherton, Burton Salmon, Birkin, Beale, Hillam and Fairburn.

local connection is classed as;

  • currently live in the area and have been resident for at least 6 out of the last 12 months; or;
  • have lived within the area for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years; or;
  • has a close family member residing in the area that has done so for the last 5 years. (mother, father, adult son, adult daughter, adult brother, adult sister); or;
  • has regular permanent (i.e. not seasonal) full time or part time employment with a company or organisation based within inital parishes or neighbouring areas (as defined in 2.2 above) or where employment requires that person to be located within the area (such employment to be regularly at least 16 hours per week);
  • has a need to move to inital parishes or neighbouring areasare to take up an offer of regular permanent employment in inital parishes or neighbouring areas (such employment to be regularly at least 16 hours per week).

If there are no applicants that meet this criteria, consideration will then be given to those with a local connection to the wider Selby District and then to the full North Yorkshire Home Choice partnership area. 

  • A copy of the Local Lettings Initiative for the Grey Fold, Byram development with Leeds Federated Housing can be found here