Living and Working on Finkle Street

Image from Selby Library Postcard Collection - Finkle Street c1912

In the past, owners or the managers often lived behind and above the shop front with their families. Everything for the house, shop, and garden had to go through the front door of the shop.

Here on 14 Finkle Street, the family firm Norman W Jackson sold knitting wools, clothes for babies, and leather handbags. The Jacksons came from Derby in 1940 and were in Finkle Street until 1963.

There were sizeable living quarters beyond and above the shop: sitting room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two attics where the stock was kept. Through the kitchen there as a door opening into a small walled garden.

You can see in the view here much of the same shop front survives – with the black and white tiles and the timber shop front still visible behind some later alterations.

Back in 1952, our friend Marjorie often visited Jacksons, click on the image to hear her story.


Image from Selby Time – Bygone Days Article Number 451