We work hard to keep our district clean and tidy. We empty 1,100 litter and dog waste bins and clean our streets regularly to avoid a build-up of litter. 

Every year we support dozens of individuals and community groups to carry out volunteer litter picks to help tidy the place they live.  These are our every day Litter Heroes. We can loan litter pickers, high-viz vests and black bags and we’ll collect the bags of rubbish afterwards – all for no charge.  If you’d like to get involved and join our fantastic litter heroes there's more information here

We take legal action when someone is caught dropping litter, or throwing it out of vehicles. This includes paper, chewing gum, cans, bottles, waste food, food and drink containers, plastic and cigarette ends.

There is a £75 fixed penalty fine and failure to pay will result in prosecution leading to a maximum fine of £2,500 if found guilty.​

You can report incidents of littering here.

What are we doing to tackle litter in our district?

Over the summer we're running a new campaign to celebrate the people in our district who work hard to keep their community and green spaces looking beautiful. We're celebrating the work they do by sharing their stories on our social media channels. Take a look at our litter heroes page to see some of these residents who litter pick regularly in the area.

We're working with lots of different community groups and businesses to remind our residents not to drop litter and encourage us all to look after our district.

We're also sharing lots of messages around enforcement - it is easy to report someone dropping litter or throwing it from a vehicle.