Litter Action

Most of us put our rubbish where it belongs - in the bin.

But a small minority continue to think it is acceptable to litter. It isn't and you can report them to us.

We're launching a special Litter Watch with our street scene contractor, Amey plc, to highlight how long different types of rubbish take to break down. Follow our social media feeds for regular updates about this project.

We'll also be organising a special 'blog' writing competition for secondary school students to tell us how they'd tackle the issue. We'll have more details about this soon.

We continue to support our ever-growing army of 'Litter Heroes' who regularly tackle litter in their communities. We support litter picks by providing equipment and arrange for the litter to be removed following community litter action events. We hope to form a networking group for these people so they can share best practise and help us develop an information pack that has helpful information in it and information on staying safe.

And we're working with local haulage companies on a new accreditation scheme to tackle litter at areas where we know there is a problem.

To find out more about these plans please email