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“The Lifeline service has allowed me to live safely and independently and has taken the stress away from my family that worry about me”

Lifeline is a 24-hour local emergency support service. The call alarm (unit and wearable pendant) makes it easier to live independently in your own home and offers peace of mind that help is on hand when needed.  
Lifeline is an alarm system connected to the telephone line, which you can activate with a wearable pendant. When you need help, you press the button on the pendant. The alarm sends a message to our monitoring centre, which then contacts someone on your behalf. This could be one of our community support team, a family member, a friend, a doctor or the emergency services. We will work with you to determine who the best person to contact is.
The lifeline equipment can be installed and running with 24 hours.
Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the team has continued to provide support to its customers, their families and support network. 
Can Lifeline help you? 
The lifeline service is here to help lots of different people of all ages. 
For you: 

  • If you live by yourself but may need extra help now and again 
  • If you want reassurance that help is close by for when you need it 
  • If you think you’re at risk of domestic violence, harassment or rogue traders 

For your family:

  • If a relative or someone you care for needs extra help to maintain their independence at home or live too far away from you 
  • If you want peace of mind that your relative if the person you care for has support, or can call for help 24 hours a day

“I was going through a difficult period of my life where I was scared and concerned for my wellbeing. This service made me feel at ease knowing that there was somebody available to help in an emergency.”


We offer different types of help to suit anybody. Our skilled Support Officers will help you decide what’s best for you and your family. 


· 24-hour emergency response to help you whenever you need it

· You’ll get a Lifeline wearable pendant and call unit, so help is at the click of a button 

· Our Support Officers will visit you each year to test equipment, have a chat and update any information that may have changed. During the pandemic, all customers are receiving a monthly call instead of a visit. This allows us to keep everybody safe. 

GP, Hospital or a Social Service referrals may receive the first 6 weeks free. 

Assistive Technology (Telecare)

We can add a wide range of special equipment to the lifeline unit to help keep you safe and improve your day-to-day life. Customers will pay for the equipment at a cost price, but we will monitor it free of charge and respond as required as part of the service.

Companion Visit Service

A 30-minute visit will cost £17.00, an hour visit is £27.00. These visits can be scheduled whenever the customer wants them from 8am up to 6pm. 

For more information about what we can offer please contact us. This service does not offer personal care. 

Emergency OOH calls (included in the weekly price)

If a 999 call isn’t deemed necessary, then customer contacts will be called in the first instance followed by Support Officers if no contacts can be made. 

  • If the call isn’t an emergency but the customer still wants a response, then there will be a £44 charge.

Holiday Service 

What is this service? 

The service provides reassurance, help and companionship for your loved ones while you’re not there, whether on holiday, away with work, ill, or you are the main carer and just need a break.

The Holiday/Respite service is here to help anybody within the district. If you don’t already have our Lifeline call unit installed don’t worry, we can provide a unit for the duration you require the service.

What does the service offer?

The service is tailored to suit you and your loved one's lifestyle. You decide the length of the visits and how often. 

This service includes: 

  • Regular checks to make sure everything is okay
  • Support with making sandwiches, warm microwave meals and preparing drinks
  • Help with any day-to-day activities such as basic cleaning and laundry
  • Essential shopping trips

The holiday service does not include personal care.  

Prices of the service:

Type of Service

Proposed Charge
per week £

Lifeline including daytime & out of hours response (standard)


Additional 30 min companion visit


1 hour Companion Visit


Out of Hour Call out (none emergency)*



Companion Visit Service 


Once-daily for 7 days


Twice daily for 7 days


Once daily for a fortnight


Twice daily for a fortnight











How to pay:

To set up a Direct Debit please complete our Direct Debit form and send it back to us by email or post. Alternatively, you can call us on 01757 705101.

If you have a Lifeline invoice you can pay online.

More information

To register for more information about the Lifeline service please complete our online form, or contact us on or 01757 705101. You can also visit us at Access Selby, Market Cross, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 4JS